Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Giving birth, naturally.

Almost 2 years ago.....

My water broke 5'o clock in the morning. It wasn't like whole pot of water like you see in movies but more like a leak from pee. I sat on my yoga ball and googled. How long is consider safe when your water broke. I think it was 24 hours but I told myself I had 12. I knew it was going to be the day because the night before, my son was giving me some unusual kicks. It was around 7am when my contraction was 15mins apart and I started logging my contractions. It was the day, my due date.


  • If your contraction is consistent like 15mins apart for an hour? Your more likely to be delivered on the same day. 
  • Do yourself a favor, eat a full meal. I know it is exciting to see your baby but trust me when you're admitted to the birthing center, they wont let you eat anything. You get a free Popsicle. 
  • You had your full meal? Make sure you let that out too. Do your business at home. That's another reason why they wont feed you at the hospital. 
That day, I had two meals, breakfast and lunch.
My appointment was 12:45pm to see my gynecologist for confirmation whether it was pee or water sac.  I was confirmed that my water did broke and my dilation is 2cm apart and ready to admit to birthing center. 

When your contraction gets stronger then that means your dilating. 

  • Request a yoga ball. It is the same as walking for assisting faster delivery. 
  • A rod or anything to force all your pain when contraction hits. Do not hold your love one's hand because you might break him.
  • You will feel pain every 5mins, your body is preparing for giving birth. 
  • 1cm dilation is equivalent to 1 hour of 5mins apart pain.
  • 10cm is fully dilated to push
  • 7-10cm is the most painful stage. They will offer you a bag to vomit
Epidural/pain killer was offered to me when I first admitted to the birthing center. I kept an open mind that if i cannot take the pain, I will take it. The contraction pain increase gradually. Not something you take by surprise. Therefore you will know if you need the pain killer or not. Every hour or so my doc would come in and check to see how far Im dilating. Pain=dilating.  I wanted to challenge myself, women back in the good old days can do it, I can too. Women's body is made for this birthing process.  

I remember all i did was stare at the clock. The pain just gets stronger. When I reached 7cm, I asked for a Popsicle. My energy from my two meals already start to wear off. The sugar from the popsicle gave me a boost. I almost gave in for epidural. It was so painful, so painful that you can't even scream or make any sound. I was a mute. I continued squeeze and twist the rod while sitting on my yoga ball. I requested a second Popsicle. I thought I was going to faint from the pain. Turns out my nurse gave me the last encouragement. I had good nurse. The little did i know, I kept asking her whether I hit the peak of pain. Am I there yet I thought?  When is it going to end?! give me a time. When you are fully dilated for push, you won't feel as bad she said. THAT WAS IT! With that info i regain my energy and took in the pain. My doc came in to check on me for the last time, I had hope that it was for a push. Im ready for a push.

Push uses the same muscle as you poop. Thus they won't feed you anything solid to begin with. My nurse was right, Im pretty sure she did natural birth herself. With epidural, you wont feel the push since you are numb by the pain killer, so i heard.  Push took another hour, I didn't focus on the clock anymore because my excitement to meet my little one. 

I gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Adrian, on his due date.  First thing they did was to let the mother hold their baby. That was it, that moment all the pain you experienced was all worth it. The doctor was cutting your placenta and stitching you up and you don't even feel it. You had it worst, remember? lol. That night, I didn't sleep. I was filled with joy and excitement just by staring at him sleeps.

Today, I still caught myself staring at him sleeps. This tiny little human stole my heart.
Being a mother is a gift.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

How To Detail Clean Your Jewelry Using Toothpick

All jewelry gets dull from soap buildups or our natural skin oil. We occasionally get them clean from a jewelry shop or clean them at home with unnecessary chemicals or high end cleaning tools. We all know the good old toothbrush method but it doesn't get the job done. IT IS TOO MUCH WORK!!!I've been using this method for years and would love to share.

You'll need the followings:
  • Toothpick
  • Warm to hot water
  • Container
  • Mild soap detergent
  • Any jewelry (NO PEARLS)

Let it air dry
Shinning result. Some chemicals are too harsh for your jewelry. All you need is mild soap, water, and a TOOTHPICK =). Great for on the go or traveling since all you need to pack is a toothpick. Where can you NOT find a toothpick?! It is a stable for all restaurants and universal!!! Fun traveling =)